This site is dedicated to the United States 2nd Bureau issue of postage stamps. Designed in 1902 and produced later that year and continued into the following year, the 2nd Bureau series of stamps consisted of fourteen denominations (1¢ to $5) plus a special delivery stamp. Many of the stamps were well received by the public, including the first regular U.S. stamp featuring a woman, the 8¢ Martha Washington. However, the public disliked the design of the 2¢ George Washington stamp, forcing the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to redesign and replace the stamp in late 1903. The 2nd Bureau stamps sought use from 1902 until 1909 when the 3rd Bureau issue (also referred to as the Washington-Franklins) were phased into use. The links below explore a variety of postal history aspects of the 2nd Bureau issue.

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