Domestic Uses of the 2nd Bureau Stamps

Below are some of my domestic use 2nd Bureau postal history covers. I have listed various rates and services provided by the United States Postal Service in 1902 through 1909. There were few rate changes during this period, thus relatively easy to know which stamps were used for a given rate.

1st Class Rate (2¢/oz with use of carrier 1¢/oz non-carrier mail)

301 EDU
1st class rate
1 ounce (carrier mail)
2 ounce letter
3 ounce letter
4 ounce letter

Registered 1st Class Mail (8¢ registry fee)

1 ounce registered letter
2 ounce letter
3 ounce letter
4 ounce letter

Special Delivery on 1st Class Mail (10¢ fee)

Both Services (Registry and Special Delivery)

Post Cards (1¢ domestic rate)

2nd Class Mail / Newspapers and Magazines (1¢ / 4 oz)

3rd Class Mail / Printed Matter (1¢ / 2 oz)

less than 2 ounces
4 ouncesRedirected wrapper

4th Class Mail / Samples and Merchandise (1¢ / oz)

1 ounce — 1¢ solo franking
3 ounces — 3¢ solo franking from photographer
5 ounces — 5¢ solo franking on tag