Domestic 1¢ postcard rate franked with a 1¢ Franklin tied by a Pompanoosuc, Vermont doane (type 2 number 4) postmark (March 4, 1907, 11 AM).  Also tied by South Royalton, Vermont reciving duplex only three hours later.  The 2nd Bureau era (1902-1909) saw a huge boom in the use of postcards.  During this period, a 1¢ stamp paid for domestic 1st class service provided a few rules for postcards were followed.  Before March 1, 1907 only the address could be written on the back of the card, no messages.  It was common for the sender to squeeze a message around the border of the picture.  This postcard was sent 4 days after the regulation changed.  The sender in this case divided the back of the card with a hand drawn line and wrote a brief message.   It is difficult to find early divided back uses without the message on front.